Kids Photography Summer Camp - Ages 9 - 12

Kids Photography Summer Camp - Ages 9 - 12


June 17 - 21 12:30 - 3:30 PM with Sara Keith

Get creative this summer! The Illuminate photography summer camp is a fun, interactive week of learning how to take better pictures and ignite a photography passion. 

Things we'll explore:

  • Seeing the world through a camera

  • Freezing motion

  • Cyanotypes

  • Light Painting

  • Favorite Photographers

  • Blurry Backgrounds

  • Field Trip to Piedmont Park

DSLRs are recommended, but cell phones are accepted as well! Contact us with questions about appropriate apps and extra accessories to prepare for the class.

Camp will be held at the Atlanta School of Photography located at
1135 Sheridan Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30324

Sara Keith is the Director of the Atlanta School of Photography and Founder of Illuminate Atlanta. She has taught at Midtown International School and continues to teach in Illuminate’s outreach programs with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, Hillside Inc and Cool Girls.

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